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This is how we try to reduce our own carbon footprint and influence others to do the same

Back in 1994 we were very much aware of our ability to reduce pollution in London and we launched the first cycle courier service in the city. Our messengers and cyclists are about as green as you can get and we intend to keep it that way.

We no longer run any diesel or petrol company owned vehicles. We also offer financial incentives to our agents and couriers to change to environmentally friendly vehicles where alternatives exist.

Our drivers are trained in economic and energy saving motoring techniques

Promotional information is transmitted electronically and we have an outright ban on paper junk mail

Our offices print on paper that is recycled or from sustainable sources

We encourage all our clients and agents to communicate with us electronically. We promote electronic payment methods and will even collect cheques free of charge from clients who do not have internet banking facilities.

We recycle old computers, mobile phones, used office stationery and even used envelopes!

We recognise there are always areas for improvement. If you have any suggestions or think your company can join us in saving the planet please email

As an incentive to use the greenest courier - get 10% off your first months courier charges. Ask the advisor you speak to for details.

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